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RiseHands Communication Gives Back

In 2018, Amy and Lori, the founders, worked as job developers for deaf and hard-of-hearing clients referred by the Division of Rehabilitation Services (DORS). Amy and Lori discovered that a majority of deaf and hard-of-hearing clients were not job-ready. Amy and Lori noticed that all job readiness programs in Maryland required interpreters. While Amy and Lori found that having an interpreter for communication access when dealing with hearing employers is beneficial, this setup is not the best but costly practice. An interpreter's role is to bridge the communication gap yet remain neutral in the overall process. We provide direct communication and access to our clients seeking skills necessary to obtain gainful employment, which is the best effective practice in their natural language.


As a result, RiseHands Communication was born. The organization provides cost-effective employment services for the deaf and hard of hearing in American Sign Language and Cued American English as well as qualified and experienced deaf educators with linguistic and cultural knowledge.

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Communicating with Sign Languages

Understand the impact of employment income on SSI and SSDI benefits for clients

between the ages of 18-65

On-site and virtual-based work readiness programs that focus on building foundational supports

in pre-employment skills

In-person services that provide supports in employment skills

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