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Our Founders


Lori Leal

Co-Executive Director

A Deaf Education teacher for 18 years at schools for the Deaf and mainstreaming programs specializing in English, English as a second language, reading, literacy development, remedial reading, and writing as well as life skills development subjects. 


Lori left the field of education to become a Rehabilitation Communication Specialist (RCS) focusing on clients who are consumers of the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Service (DORS) within the State of Maryland to provide one-on-one support as a mentor, work as a job placement coach and advocate for deaf and hard of hearing clients within the State of Maryland. In this role, Lori serves as a communication facilitator support between consumers and the career development community, prepares consumers for job interviews and work placement with 85% success and provides on-site job training, and empowers the job seeker and employers to problem-solve and come up with creative on-the-job communication solutions that contribute to a stress-free workplace for both parties.


Additionally, Lori is a certified Work Incentive Planner (WIP) for those- both youths and adults- who receive SSI/ SSDI and are getting ready to enter employment. Lori is also a deaf interpreter, in the process of becoming a certified deaf interpreter in the field. 

Amy Crumrine

Co-Executive Director

A sole proprietor of several start-up companies tailored to the educational and service needs of the Deaf Community, not limited to those who utilize different communication modalities other than American Sign Language or Manual Signed Communications (Cued Speech and Oral methodologies). 


Amy currently is an experienced educator of 14 years specializing in Deaf Education, and educational services for deaf and hard of hearing students enrolled in Montgomery County Public schools as an itinerant teacher, Teacher of American Sign Language studies as well as other charter schools where Amy provides consultative and educational services on a remote (online) basis. Amy has served as an in-house, as well as nationwide, expert on bilingualism and biculturalism and produces conversations rooted in data analysis and data-driven decisions to eliminate achievement gaps in education and cultural groups for deaf and hard of hearing individuals. 


Amy has also served as a Rehabilitation Communications Specialist (RCS) for the Division of Rehabilitation Service (DORS) in the State of Maryland. Amy is a certified Work Incentive Planner (WIP). 

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