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We proudly provide on-site and virtual employment readiness services for the deaf and hard of hearing. We are an all-inclusive company as we recognize the diverse needs of each client. We offer services and classes onsite in Maryland and virtually nationwide in American Sign Language and/or Cued American English.   

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Benefits Planning Service

Not sure what happens to your SSI or SSDI if you return to work? 

Benefits Planning may be for you. 


Work Readiness Program

No job experience?

Don't have a resume?

Check out our work readiness program


Job Development  Service

Need job search assistance?

A mock interview? 

Resume polish-up?

Benefits Planning Service

You may be wondering what will happen to your Social Security cash benefits and medical coverage if you go back to work. A number of special rules put in place by Social Security called work incentives, are now available to encourage you to try work. Work incentives have made it possible for many SSI/SSDI recipients to earn more than they ever thought possible with benefits alone. There are trained and certified benefits counselors, sometimes called benefits planners, to help you understand the impact of work on your personal circumstances.

RiseHands Communication provides benefits planners that can help you understand the impact of work on your personal circumstances.


  • General Benefits Consultation

  • Phase I: Pre-Employment Benefits Planning

  • Phase II: Job Placement and Employment/Maintenance

  • Phase III: Developing Supports for Case Closure

  • Special Circumstances


Work Readiness Program

RiseHands Communication creates an interactive work-readiness learning environment, where deaf and hard-of-hearing clients will receive training in all aspects of the work-readiness program. This will include and not be limited to soft skills, interview protocols, resume work, and employment goals.


I. Your Identity 

Know Yourself / Explore Personality /Characteristic Traits / Strengths/ Personal Values

II. Career Awareness 

Occupational Interests/ Career Portfolio/ Career Interest Assessments/ Individual and Transferable Skills/

III. Career Exploration

Career Search/  Exploring Careers through Informational Interviews and Job Shadows / Setting Goals

IV. Job Readiness 

Soft Skills and Hard Skills/ Workplace/ Job Search Preparation Overview- Job Applications/ Resume/ Mock Interviews


Job Development Service

RiseHands Communication carefully evaluates both the prospective employee and the job at hand to ensure that each person’s skills and abilities are matched to the specific employer’s needs.


  • Resume Preparation (Federal and private)

  • Job Searches

  • Mock Interview Sessions

  • On-Site Support

  • Job Retention

Benefits Planning
Work Readness
Job Development

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